All that you need to know about local SEO

local SEO

These days there is lots of buzz on the importance of local search engine optimisation. More and more people are emphasising on the need for better local search engine optimisation in order to boost the local business.

What is local search engine optimisation?

Local search engine optimisation which is known as local SEO mainly concentrates on providing results that are of significance for local search. To put it in simple words if you are looking out for a pizza restaurant then the search engine will provide you with the details of the one that is closest to your place. With many people using smartphones this form of SEO has become very important.

Tips for local search engine optimisation

  • Do proper keyword research and use only those which are most relevant. Filter the results of your keywords based on the geographic region that is country, state, city, etc. Remember that for local SEO it is important to understand the regional demand for your keyword
  • Beware of the character limitations for meta title and meta descriptions. Meta keywords can be used sparingly but keep in mind that you must list the State, town and zip code along with the other important terms.
  • For local SEO make use of structured data or microformat. This is also known as SCHEMA. This code is accepted by leading search engines like Google, Bing etc. SCHEMA helps in the identification and classification of information like location, contact information etc.
  • Make use of split footer to display local business as well as the main location
  • The page speed has to be fast and display contact information on every page as this will help increase local indexation

Things that one must not forget in case of local SEO:

  • Local businesses must make sure that they keep updating their information in the local listings. They must also ensure that their business is listed in the right location.
  • The name, address and phone that is NAP has to be listed accurately. You cannot make even the slightest mistake. Any error even in the citation can affect your listing.
  • The NAP factor has to be consistent in all places right from Google to association of local businesses. Smallest change in NAP has to be updated in all places.
  • Remember that customers want information. Therefore make sure that you do not forget to fill up the directories completely with all the possible information about your business
  • Make sure that you have your social media accounts in place because many people prefer just checking out the company’s social media accounts for reviews and information about the company.
  • Make sure that you encourage your users to leave reviews about your services .You can do this by carrying out promotional activities or requesting the users to leave reviews and comments in the comment box.
  • Local neighbourhood names may be difficult to fit in search engine algorithms. Therefore make sure that you update your website with the local neighbourhood names.

With people opting to search for local businesses on the internet local search engine optimisation is here to stay. If you are confused about how to go about it then you should hire professional services for the same.  Digitalreinvent is the best local seo optimisation agency.

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