Freshen up your mouth with right mouth fresheners


After a good and filling lunch or dinner one thing that comes to our mind is but of course mukhwas. These fresheners for the mouth have been a part of Indian customs since a long time. The tradition of offering “pan” after a heavy meal was a ritual followed even in royal families. This tradition of offering mouth fresheners has been passed on from one generation to the other. We all will remember, how our mothers and grandmothers roasted saunf and mixed it with dhana dal or elaichi powder and kept it stored in bottles. This was and in fact is the most common freshener for the mouth which is found in all Indian households.

Some of the most refreshing varieties of saunf are truly wonderful

With changing times and experimentation has helped in the evolution of several different varieties of mouth fresheners. The humble saunf is also available in several different avatars. The moti saunf is the regular one , the silver saunf comes with a more refreshing flavor. Varakh saunf, meetha saunf etc are truly amazing. Saunf mixed with coconut, pan khajur are some other varieties of mukhwas, which have become highly popular.

Truly mouth watering varieties of mukhwas add flavor to your mouth

There are not just different varieties of saunf. In fact, today in India there are different types of mukwas available. The age old supari is available in some of the most delectable forms. The names itself indicate how colourful and tasty these varieties of supari must be. Meetha supari, calcutta pan supari, elaichi supari chura, milky mixture , kesar mixtures are just a few forms in which beetle nut is available. That is not all. One can also enjoy a khatta meetha experience with anardana goli, anardana toffee, jeera pachak, hing goli, jeera goli ,khatta, amala ,meetha, adark pachak, peepal pachak and much more. Ampapar is also an amazing form of mukhwas and is available in different flavours.

One has to remember that fresheners for the mouth have dual functions. They help in giving a refreshing flavor to the mouth and at the same time they also aid in digesting food. Therefore, it is only right that we continue with this tradition of offering these refreshing fresheners after food. With the culture of online shopping has become highly popular it is very easy to get different varieties of these flavourful and colourful mukhwas delivered at your doorstep. One might be a little apprehensive about the quality of the stuff that one gets from online shops. Keep in mind that when you select a quality online portal you can be sure that only quality stuff will be delivered to you. Besides you can check for the different varieties online right from the convenience of your home. So now there is no need of roasting saunf or getting pan from the local pan shop. You can have different varieties of delectable mouth fresheners’ right at your homes. Just make sure that you select the right portal which delivers good quality items to you.

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