Indian celebrations and mithai go hand in hand

Sweets, Mithai

Desserts are an inseparable part of us Indians. Whether it is a festival or functions like weddings or a promotion in office or winning a match of cricket we celebrate it with a generous helping of pedas, barfis and halwa. Every Indian state has its own special desserts and we Indians like to enjoy all the varieties, whether it is petha from the North or Ras Gulla from the East.

The list of Indian sweets is endless:

The variety available in Indian mithai is so large that it will leave people from other countries amazed. Sweets like pedas, motichur ladoos, soan papdi, barfis etc are eaten by some on a regular basis.  There is a large variety in these pedas and barfis like you have malai peda, kesar peda, orange soan papdi, mango barfi, besan barfi also known as mohan thal ,kesar barfi ,khus gulkand barfi and much more. After having lunch or dinner, having a gulab jamun or a ras gulla melt in your mouth feels like heaven. Indian sweets have countless varieties of desserts which includes a large number of halwas and kheers.

Every state has a special taste:

As mentioned earlier, every state has its own signature mithai. Like if you go to Agra then you cannot miss out on the petha. If you opt for a good store, then you can get variety in these pethas as well like dry petha, cream kancha petha, honey petha, angoori petha, pineapple cherry petha, mango petha, khus petha etc. Similarly rewari and gajak are famous with people in Madhya Pradesh and other states. There is a variety in rewari and gajak as well. This includes sugar rewadi, gud rewadi, sugar gajak and gud gajak.

Dry fruits will make your desserts mind blowing:

A sweet having dry fruits are an awesome combination. Cashews, anjeer, pistachios etc not only make the sweets richer but the taste that they give to your desserts are amazing. Special barfis like kaju katli, mixed dry fruit katli, anjeer barfi etc are a must for every festive occasion. Special mithais like chandrakala, cashew moon, anarkali, dry fruit kesar pak, dry fruit water melon etc are a good gifting option. Not only these mithais look beautiful and unique but they also taste absolutely amazing. For the health conscious, there is the option of sugar free mithais like sugar free anjeer katli.

We cannot live without our desserts. Obviously with such a wide variety of tasty treats no one will want to miss out on them. Most of these mithais are available on online stores. Opt for a good store which will assure you of quality and will send you and your loved ones fresh mithais made from the best ingredients. So if you are in mood of “kuch mitha” then remember there is a huge variety waiting for you on a good online dessert shop.

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