Rajasthani foods

Rajasthani foods

Now the most delectable Rajasthani foods available online

India is a country which is filled with diverse cultures and traditions. One of the most colourful states of India, which is not just famous for its culture and tradition, but also for its flavourful food and delicacies is Rajasthan. If you thought that since it is predominantly a desert land covered with sands there might not be much in terms of food, then you have not tasted delicious Rajasthani Foods which are simply delicious.

Check out the Rajasthani savouries which are truly yummy:

Rajasthan is very famous for its delicacies made using chick pea flour. The Rajasthani sev can be had as a snack and it can be used for making delicious curries which taste amazing with bajra and jowar rotis. There are many other forms of farsan items, which are famous like kachoris and samosas. One should taste the heavenly savouries like moong dal kachori and farsan kachori which are divine. Besides these farsan items, Rajasthani foods include a number of aachar and chutneys. Their pickles are really spicy and delicious. Whether it is green or red chilli pickles or the kair pickle or the lasod that is gunda pickle, each one has its own distinct flavour and taste. Even the chutneys like the sweet and sour lemon chutney is heavenly.

Papad & warian and much more:

One more crucial aspect of Rajasthani cuisine are Papad & warian. You must try out the jeera papad or lahsun papad or the the spicy kali mirchi or green mirch papad. Roast them or fry them, they taste simply delicious either ways. One more delicacy that you must try out are the different types of warian and vadiyan which are made using different types of dals and flour like urad dal, moong dal etc.

Online shopping the best way of getting delectable Rajasthani food:

No! You don’t need to go to Rajasthan to try out these yummy foods. You can actually enjoy every bit of Rajastahni cuisine right from the convenience of your home. All you need to do is go to a good online store and order for all the stuff that you want through these online stores. Whether it is snack items, farsan, papads, warians , aachars or different types of Rajasthani aatas, it is all available on reputed online food stores. These food stores with a high reputation will always make sure that they supply the best quality materials which have a long shelf life and fresh and yummy taste. The prices are pretty competitive and they ensure that they send you your goodies in time.

If you are a real foodie who loves trying out flavours of different parts of India but do not have the time to move around to buy the same then you must try online shopping. This trend is catching up fast as it helps you get all the desired food products at the best possible rates delivered to your home. So enjoy the flavours of different states like Rajasthan by buying Rajasthani delicacies online.

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